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Ernie Blood

Ernie Blood may speak to more real estate agents and brokers than any other speaker in the real estate industry. The original co-founder of Homes Guide of America, Ernie is the founder and president of Carmel Publishing, the real estate industry's leading source of real estate books, training guides and seminars.

Ernie Blood is recognized today as a leader in real estate training and was the Executive Vice President of Dominion Homes Media and a co-owner of Delta Media Group, a leader in real estate website and lead management technology. In the real estate publishing business since 1973, Ernie is a respected real estate motivational speaker, real estate trainer and the author of 10 best selling real estate books.

Ernie resides in Ohio and Florida with his wife, Melody. His sons, Matthew and Jonathan, have worked in the real estate industry and his son, Dr. Brandon Blood, is the owner/partner of Ohio and Massachusetts-based Synaptic Chiropractic Center.

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